Bulldogs News · Ballinger Invitational Meet Results for High School

Results for the Ballinger Invitational Meet that was held on Wednesday, October 3rd. We will be running the same course for the district on Wednesday. October 10th.


Varsity Girls:

2nd Taylor Limnaugh 12:18.53

7th Madison Richardson 12:50.53

8th Alicia Garcia 12:59.56

12th Ana Lopez 13:07.62

30th Paige Bauer 13:50.37

75th Yasmine Morado 15:42

90th Jadyn Cavness 16:42

95th Abby Grinsteinner 17:13.18


1st Wall 42pts; 2nd Brady 58pts; 3rd Ballinger 3rd Place


Varsity Boys:

15th Mark Valdez 18:28.5

29th Michael Ramsey 19:20

48th Nathan Mork 19:54.97

64th Anthony Cook 20:26.87

65th JP Martinez 20:29.90

68th Ty Walker 20:32.96

72nd Kyler Pitre 20:41.18

88th Noah Huffman 21:28.65

89th Lane Jacoby 21:29.75

91st Kasen Baronet 21:50.

Team Place: 8th


JV Girls:

5th Nevaeh Guerrero 14:45.25

8th Savanna Cross 15:04.58


JV Boys:

13th CJ Gonzales- 21:10.25

25th Brian Ramirez 22:10.52

27th Alex Jones 22:16.09

35th Carlos Avila 22:50.09

40th Michael Garcia 23:34.75

42nd Brendon Vargas 23:50.81

Team Placing: 4th Place