Bulldogs News · Llano Invitational Tennis Tournament

Way to go Bulldog Tennis! After an incredibly long day on Friday, we came home with 1st Place Girls Singles, Consolation Winner Girls Singles, 3rd Place Boys Doubles, and 4th Place Mixed Doubles. These athletes dug deep and competed all day, and even into the night. Our skills just keep improving, and these kids just keep me beaming with pride!! Our next tournament is Friday, at Brownwood High School. If you’re around, stop and say hey!!! Special shout out to Llano Dairy Queen for being so awesome!! #BulldogTennis19 #proudcoach #lovemyjob

Emily Delafuente – 1st Place                 Fburg 8-0, Dublin 8-1, Cove 8-0, Burnet 8-0, 8-0

Nina Delafuente – Consolation Champion    Burnet 4-8, Cove 8-0, Faith Academy 8-4, Cove 8-0

Juan Leon                                                     Dublin 1-8, Salado 4-8

Brian Ramirez/Brant Farmer – 3rd Place      Canyon Lake 8-2, Cove 8-3, Cove 3-8, Dublin 8-2

Ivan Rodriguez/Alexia McDaniel – 4th Place.                                                           Cove 8-6, Lanier, Faith Academy

Mark Arredondo/Nathan Mork.             Cove 0-8, Dublin 5-8

Giselle Ashton/Aalyiha Walton.               Cove 1-8, Saledo 4-8

Brylee Torres/Lizzie Steadham               Cove 0-8, Dublin 1-8

Melissa Jasso/Abby Grinsteiner       Academy 0-8, Cove 0-8

Back: G.Ashton, E.Delafuente, B.Farmer, B.Ramirez, N.Mork, J.Leon, M.Arredondo, I.Rodriguez
Front: N.Delafuente, A.Grinsteiner, M.Jasso, B.Torres, L.Steadham, A.McDaniel, A.Walton